Game Description

As they say, if the mountain won't come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain. Lasertag in your event, party or any other situation anywhere in Latvia. We will arrive to the destination of your choice and ensure a special game as a cherry on the top for both adults and children, as no one will be indifferent to the activity. Lasertag is a very exciting and active game that is also not painful or doesn’t cause injuries, as the game is based on laser rays that do not harm health and receivers that register hits. It means that we can set up the game even at school or office space, because it does no harm to the environment, but the event would be unforgettable.

Reservation and the Price list

Price per person for first hour – € 10.00, for every additional hour – € 5.00.

The price includes usage of our entire arena, game host and instructor services, full equipment for the game, special party room and free parking. Laser tag is not painful or traumatic – there will be no injuries or bruises!

Reserve the game by filling out our application form
Or by phone call – +371 20 000 089